Skilled Human Resource Professional with 12 Years' Experience

Next Level Resume and Writing services is a veteran owned business. The company was founded in 2020. Our CEO is Tyneisha Ahmad who is a 12 year experienced Human Resources professional and has a passion for assisting others with their careers. After separating from the military she discovered how difficult it was to compete in the job market without a decent resume and not knowing how to properly translate military skills. Once learning  more about the requirements and what recruiters and hiring managers search for Tyneisha decided to assist others with becoming successful in the job market.


Very professional and responsive. I had been trying to work with the city for over 5 years and never had any luck . With her assistance with my resume not only did I receive an interview but also the position in management and currently working on a promotion. Thank you Tyneisha for all of your hard work and dedication in addition to your knowledge.

Renee Anderson

Shreveport, LA

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